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Legal Requirements For The Cross-Border Transaction Business In India

The research article briefly analyses the Cross – border merger and acquisition, which is now becoming a quick pathway to enter into a new market


WORKPLACE BULLYING – More severe impact on someone’s life and career. Let me share my story – I was working in a Reinsurance Company and I had been bullied there till the date I have resigned – I had nowhere to go and no one to reach out for help, I was being cornered by…
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How a foreign national can start and register company in India?

  Amy, a Czechican, is an accountant- 9 to 7 desk job- and loves travelling. Like many of us, she doesn’t enjoy the work but is working as it pays her bills. Deep inside, Amy wants to set up a business and get her freedom back. Amy visits India on vacation- her business mind follows her wherever she goes. She arrives…
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How Can International Tax Treaties Avoid Double Taxation?

What is an international tax treaty? Treaty is an international agreement between two states, and international law governs the terms of the treaty. An international tax treaty is a bilateral agreement between countries for preventing double taxing their respective citizens’ active or passive income. Lately, international tax treaties deal with many subjects apart from double…
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Importance of Trademark vis-à-vis artistic work in the media and entertainment industry.

A brief introduction on Trademarks and Artistic work Intellectual property is a creation of the mind; the property is intangible and provides the owner with some exclusive rights over it. The properties include literary, artistic or musical work; it can also include designs, scientific inventions, words, and even symbols.  The intellectual property rights are divided…
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Can A Foreign Citizen Inherit A Property In India? What’s The Inheritance Procedure Concerning NRI’s Property In India?

Who can inherit property Indian citizens can inherit properties in India without any restrictions. However, when we talk about foreign citizens and Indian citizens living abroad, the situation is not the same. To understand the law regarding inheritance of such persons, we need to understand the following terms: Foreigner: The term foreigner has been defined…
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What challenges are driving corporate legal towards matter management?

Matter Management Matter management entails corporate legal work, which is expansive than case management. Managing documents and contracts also form a part of matter management. Matter management process encompasses different aspects of matter like the various class of legal work, attorneys assigned to the case, allocating resources, and other similar aspects. These aspects are monitored,…
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THE CHANGING PROFILE OF A GENERAL COUNSEL. General Counsel in the current time has vast complex responsibilities. They make sure that the firm gets into the least amount of unnecessary risks. They have a profile that makes it important to act increasingly as an advisor to the CEO for legal and business terms. A lawyer…
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Contract Management In The Cloud

Contract management doesn’t have to be cumbersome and a hassle for the organization. Usually, contract management is associated with stacked up files gathering dust somewhere in the organization, and people rummaging through the files in the hope of getting hold of vital information that the organization needs for a particular purpose- dispute or monitoring deadlines.…
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Why are we talking about LMS? LMS has become an extremely crucial part of not only legal institutions but also to other institutions, including banking, insurance, etc. It improves productivity, expense management, accessibility to legal information, and provides more control over the overall institution so that desired results can be achieved easily. It helps manage…
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