IP Litigation Support

Guiding Businesses

IP is an asset to an organization. Therefore firms/organizations have an effective IP enforcement strategy to safeguard their IP assets. The firms often use litigation as one of its tools to ensure a robust IP enforcement regime.

IP and Litigation

Litigation is in itself a complicated aspect of the legal field, and IP litigation is one of the most detail-oriented litigation in the practice of law. Perhaps the dynamic nature of the IP laws makes it a challenging domain in the course of law. Patent litigation is usually complicated because of the esoteric nature of the invention. A lot of technical languages related to the invention in a particular domain is involved. We have IP attorneys from a diverse background who are vastly knowledgeable in the different subject matter that a patent application entails.

IP litigation entails diverse concepts and a punctilious approach. Our team provides a multi-faceted IP support litigation service to Law firms or individual IP attorneys, which augments vigour to your research and arguments, thereby enhancing your chances of winning the court-room battle.

Our inclusive service includes

  • IP infringement scrutiny: We have experienced team and online tools to track down a potential infringement. IP attorneys comprehensively analyze the industry and mark possible violations that may have occurred.
  • Reverse Engineering: There may be times when reverse engineering is required to prove your infringement claim. A blend of knowledge and AI tools help use the above method when needed to prove your claim.
  • Claim Charts: are diagrammatic representations of how exactly your IP rights have been infringed. It is an effective and straightforward way of explaining to the court why you have claimed what you have claimed.

The more easy is your claim to understand for the court, it will be easier for you to seek relief from the court.