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Legal research is the process of finding answers to legal issues. It entails an in-depth study and analysis of the legal case for resolving the legal issues. The legal issues can be in different forms, such as interpretation of the law, jurisdictional issues, which rules will apply to a given circumstance, and so on.

Legal research enables us to reconcile seemingly irreconcilable facets of a legal issue. It involves looking at the problem holistically and formulating a solution that is in the best interest of not only our client but also the society.

What legal research entails?

Legal research entails several elements:

  • Comprehending the scope of legal question: This involves identifying relevant jurisdiction, relevant statutes, critical legal terms
  • Secondary source: Referring to the secondary source enables the researcher to understand the bigger picture and how the specific research point fits in the larger scheme of things
  • Identifying relevant statutes
  • Identify the case that is similar to the situation in hand
  • Checking that any court didn’t overrule the case one is citing
  • Search other online sources
  • Keep a note of research trail

The relevance of legal research

  • Maps the underlying legal principles in a legal issue.
  • Familiarizes the researcher with various facets of the legal issue.
    You get to know the legislative background related to the legal topic you are researching on Legal research assists in dealing with new aspects of a legal situation that was never foreseen by the legislators. With the assistance of Legal research, reforms can be suggested in existing laws, or laws can be implied where there isn’t any.

Why legal research?

Legal research enables you to stay informed of the changes in the laws, thereby allowing you to stay within the rule of law relevant to your particular field. For instance, if you want to establish a business, then you must comply with all the laws before you can start the business operations. Any sphere of operation requires you to meet several rules and regulations. Legal research maps the rules and regulations and charts a path for your business to observe all the applicable norms to your business.


You have to choose before you start your business what business structure like LLP, partnership, or a limited liability company is best for your business. You can only make an informed decision when you know the subtle differences each structure has and commensurately the legal liabilities that accompany each form. Legal research helps to discover the slight difference between the structures and lets you choose accordingly.
Laws are fluid, and in the absence of any mechanism to track the changes, you might fall outside the law. Legal research is an effective mechanism that ensures that your business operations don’t break any applicable law at any given point. Besides, the legal analysis also posits your firm to deal with tax compliances effectively.

Our Services

We believe a large extent of an outcome of a case hinges on the fact, how deep and expansive the research is. Our team of dedicated researchers has access to various legal databases, and our A.I powered software complements the research work of the team.
We also provide legal research services to law firms and individual practitioners. It saves your time and allows you to focus on other essential aspects of the case. Besides, our experienced researchers are trained to cull out relevant information in a short duration. Consequently, it enables you to expedite your preparation process for a case.