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Litigation is a process through which disputes are resolved in the court. Although litigation is not something that disputing parties look forward to, and to be honest, the law firms or individual litigators also not eagerly anticipate it. Litigation is often the most costly part of any legal budget, forcing both individuals and companies to make tough choices in determining priorities.

You might be wondering whether you have read it right because litigation is the raison d'etre of Law firms and individual litigators.

To enumerate the issues involved with litigation: prolonged case timeline, dense documentation, unsettled legal principles and other elements of inefficiency.


Vidma Consulting Group provides time saving support solutions for litigants in a broad range of cases and in diverse capacities.
We use technology in the form of software tools to track case related developments, including aspects such as court hearing dates and other factual case updates. It ensures that you don't stay behind the timelines crucial for your case.

Our attorneys are adept in providing ancillary legal services that make the litigation process a seamless experience for the law firms or individual litigators. Services include legal research, document management, and similar delegable work that allows the firms/individual practitioners to set aside more time for other crucial aspects.

The technology centred approach enables us to provide cost-effective legal services. Another highlight of our service is confidentiality and data management. We deploy advanced data storage system for a data breach free environment.

The team at Vidma is proficient at laws of various jurisdictions thereby can provide legal services to clients, firms, and individual attorneys pan-global. We connect with our well-networked local jurisdictional attorneys for complex legal matters relevant to that jurisdiction to mould a consolidated legal course for your case.

Our Services

A significant part of litigation is influenced by how things work inside the court, and this view can be nothing but far from the truth. What transpires inside the court hinges on the preparation outside the court, and the above idea is the fulcrum of our litigation support services. From the incipient stage of a case until the court's final decision on a case (including appeals), we use our legal expertise to your maximum advantage.

Our Approach

Nascent stage of the litigation strategy entails client interaction and asking the clients to submit relevant documents. After the client provides the document, the next phase of the litigation strategy commences.

We endorse on each document "Privileged" and "Non-confidential" to ensure that the team manages the document in harmony with the endorsement.

The next step is document review. We review the documents and if required, request the client for any additional documentation that we need. The document review enables us to create an overview of the case at hand.

Review of the document leads to the discovery phase. Often the two stages overlap, and document review phase spills over to the discovery phase. Discovery phase enables us to identify the core legal issues and consolidate the strategy accordingly.

We devise a legal strategy grounded in the analysis of the prior stages.
Subsequent to working out the strategy, we again scrutinize the documents, ensuring we have an all-encompassing approach.

After we finalize the strategy, we discuss it with the client. The discussion ensures transparency and exchange of information between the client and us. Furthermore, we fill the client in about every case development thereby keeping them updated with the progress of the case.

When required and specifically for legally complex issues, we consult outside counsel, thereby fortifying the strategy and making sure that there are no quagmires in our approach.

Continuous monitoring

Our team head supervises every stage of the litigation support process; as a result, any prospect of oversight by the team shrinks. And we end-up devising a comprehensive litigation strategy. The team heads continuously learn, unlearn and relearn to keep themselves abreast of the legal developments. Consequently, the team members under the patronage of team heads are able to render unmatchable legal support services.