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Patent Filing

The patent filing sets in motion the patenting process. Despite patent filing being a systematic and procedural process, it requires a careful review of the documents before filing. Besides, registered patent agents support our team to make sure that the application has all the necessary documents for patent filing. We devise a comprehensive strategy that includes not only the client’s interest but also the industry’s interest.

What Patent-Filing entails?

Patent filing is a well-thought strategy as it often involves filing in more than one country. A holistic approach enables to file patent under different jurisdiction without much trouble. We communicate with our patent agents who are registered under their respective jurisdictions to ensure you experience a seamless registration experience. A patent application must be filed within a limited period in other jurisdictions from the date of filing of the application in the home country or where the application was first made.

Consequently, patent filing requires an all-encompassing plan to ensure that a patent is successfully registered in the countries that you apply to. Furthermore, we devise a customized plan for your individual filing needs, which also results in optimum use of resources and expedited registration process. Besides, we also provide patent renewal services that ensure your uninterrupted exclusivity concerning your invention.

What do we offer?

We provide patent filing services in India and across the globe with the aid of our networked IP attorneys and agents. International filing is through the Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT). Our state of the art A.I powered tools provide real-time updates to you about the status of your Patent Application. You will never miss any crucial timelines with our software linked reminders.

Our team works in a synchronized manner with the patent office to ensure the smooth passage of application from one stage to another.