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How a foreign national can start and register company in India?

  Amy, a Czechican, is an accountant- 9 to 7 desk job- and loves travelling. Like many of us, she doesn’t enjoy the work but is working as it pays her bills. Deep inside, Amy wants to set up a business and get her freedom back. Amy visits India on vacation- her business mind follows her wherever she goes. She arrives…
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Coronavirus Lockdown: Whether you are entitled to get a full refund or credit shell from the Airline Companies? Know your Rights

Have you recently faced any situation like your flights getting cancelled due to covid 19 lockdown and the airline company instead of a refund issued a credit shell to you? WHICH BODY REGULATES THE AVIATION SECTOR OR PRESCRIBES RULES RELATING TO DIFFERENT ELEMENTS OF THE AVIATION SECTOR? The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is…
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