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The website and App policy provides visitors to the website insights on the data management and internal procedures of the organization. It reflects the values of the firm and is more than just a data collection/use information document. For the insiders, the policy documents serve as a compass for managing the data collected.

Data is the cornerstone on which most industry operates in the 21st Century. Industries understand the potential of data and try to harness it maximum to its advantage. However, the spiraling dependence on data has commensurately increased data breach incidents. Besides, organizations are sharing data with third parties for an entirely different purpose than for which they collect data.

Organizations before the privacy regulations would collect and use data arbitrarily and capriciously. In contrast, post the enactment of privacy laws, the element of arbitrariness has shrunk. And the responsibility upon data collecting organizations has become onerous. Privacy is a relevant question in most jurisdictions across the world.


  • Enactment of privacy regulations
    Companies collect sensitive personal information like name, email address, credit card information, and other identifiable personal information. If the personal identifiable information gets into the wrong hands, it can have unimaginable repercussions for users whose data is breached. Countries are enacting or have enacted privacy laws, to prevent data breaches and also bring accountability in the data collecting and processing industry.
    GDPR and CCPA are at the forefront of the privacy legislation, and both laws have prodded jurisdictions to enact similar data privacy laws. For businesses, their Website policy must be compliant with these regulations. It should collect/process data in harmony with the provisions of these laws.
  • Privacy policy mandated by third party services
    A privacy policy is a prerequisite for the organization to get its app hosted on google play or apple store. Not only the laws but third parties also impose privacy policy requirements on firms, if the firm must use their services. Some websites like Apple, Amazon, and Google require website and app owners to post a Privacy Policy agreement if they use any of their services.


We not only draft website policies but map the risks embedded in the firm’s practices related to data management. Laws are dynamic, and on-time updating of policies are required to ensure that the firm is not caught behind the regulatory curve. To address this aspect, we provide policy audits at regular intervals to organizations.

Our team is adept at drafting website policies that adhere to the privacy laws of different jurisdictions. When necessary, we prepare policies specific to users from various jurisdictions. Besides, our team is an expert in formulating app policies of your organization in consonance with the website policies, different third-party app hosting services [Google play and I-store], and payment vendors.

Distinct features of our Service

  • Questionnaire to understand client requirements
  • Follow-up clarification on the questionnaire, if required.
  • Flexible timelines to accommodate client’s need
  • Discussion after the first draft
  • Revisions and submission of Final document
  • Post submission Final document support services.