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A Next Generation Technology enabled Legal and Financial service provider.


Our focus is on the clients, their work culture and implementing technology in legal and financial services.


We innovate and implement intelligent use of processes and technology to arrive at the full circle of projects.


Our policies strictly adhere to industry best practice for Information Security. We have efficient IS protocols, processes and practices in place.


Vidma Consulting Group – A Tech enabled managed Legal & Financial services provider 

Vidma Consulting Group LLP has pledged its experience and skills to provide quality legal, financial and technological services with the highest integrity. We are dedicated to specialized services: Contract lifecycle management, Compliance support, Intellectual property services, Legal research, Legal advisory and Litigation support, Contract drafting, Due diligence and Financial management.

Vidma Consulting LPO

We simplify your legal and financial processes!

Vidma Consulting Group provides a wide range and variety of legal and financial services:

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts form an integral part of any medium sized or global corporations, the volume and eclectic variety of contracts to be created, negotiated and managed are ever increasing and contract content is becoming complex and specific. With high end Contract Lifecycle Management, the clients receive a software that can be tailored to the client’s individual’s needs.

Vidma Litigation Support

Litigation Support

A timely and strategic response to any legal action is indeed mandatory for the healthy functioning of a company. Our team is trained in assisting general counsels in managing lawyers and court proceedings. We are backed by a fully serviced law firm and we take up matters in Indian courts pertaining to civil law, criminal law, IPR, labour law, taxation but not limited to these.

Legal Research

Our aim is to provide legal research services for multiple jurisdictions. We make use of online libraries, off line resources and our empanelled experts who possess expertise in eclectic branches of law. We make use of various softwares to provide start to finish legal research services. We undertake multi jurisdictional surveys, precedent case law search as well as copyright and trademark search.

Vidma IP Services

Intellectual Property Services

We offer a full range of Intellectual Property Services. Our specialized IP team identifies the best suited services keeping in mind the needs of you and your business and executes the work with the highest degree of professionalism.

Financial and Investment Research

Our Financial and Investment Research vertical caters to all kinds of research requests and provides in-depth analysis of the company or industry. Our research capabilities range from an equity research on listed entities to valuation and investment analysis of firms.

Valuation and Investment Reports

We have experts in financial modeling and valuation for startups. We also provide financial research and valuation support to investors looking to value their potential investment targets. We provide end to end support to our clients for: Investment analysis, Valuation, Business and strategy analysis etc.

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We understand that the information we deal in is to be kept highly guarded in a secured environment. We invest heavily in building Information Security protocols processes and practices. We have cloud based data storages and all requisites certification for our programmes. Our policies strictly adhere to industry best practice for information security.


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