Patent Prosecution

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Patent prosecution represents the process that commences once you apply to the patent office. Patent prosecution entails writing and filing a patent application to seek protection for the invention stated in the application.

On a broader scale, it’s just not limited to interaction between the applicant and/or their legal representative and the patent office concerning the patent eligibility of an invention. It is the art of communicating complexities of an invention lucidly and establishing the contours of patent protection that an applicant seeks through the application. To a large extent, how proficient an IP attorney is in presenting the contents of the applicant to the patent office decides the fate of the application.

Our approach

Our IP attorneys and patent analysts have vast experience in replying to the examination report issued by the Patent office. The reply is a chance to negotiate with the examiner over what the invention is and why it should receive patent protection? Concurrently, the examiner evaluates the application, whether it meets the requirements such as novelty, non-obviousness, and industrial application. Our continuous and transparent communication with the patent office keeps our clients updated on the developments related to their application.

For international applications, the Firm is well-networked domestically as well as internationally. It has collaborations with various international associates to strategically safeguard the rights of its clients as and when required.

We use advanced software to analyze the invention to bring to the fore the underlying concept of the creation and also predict the most likely future enhancements in the invention.

Patent prosecution includes several steps

  • Devising a plan for safeguarding IP
  • Drafting claims concerning the invention
  • Drafting patent application to submit to the Respective Patent office
  • Diagrammatic representation of the design specifications
  • Asserting and articulating your claims eloquently before the patent officer

We assimilate the above elements for an unparalleled patent prosecution service that we provide to our clients.

Highlights of our Patent Prosecution services

  • Preparing an effective response to the office action
  • Devising an effective strategy for the alteration of a patent application
  • Comprehensive scrutiny of office actions.