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Legal Services

Vidma Consulting Group provides a wide range and variety of legal services. We understand that outsourcing or relying on an external team to manage legal functions poses to be a matter of concern for some decision makers, but our business model ensures that, once the processes are streamlined and technology implemented, the client can always bring the process back to the organization.

Our focus is on the clients, their work culture and implementing technology in legal services.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts form an integral part of any medium sized or global corporations, the volume and eclectic variety of contracts to be created, negotiated and managed are ever increasing and contract content is becoming complex and specific.

We offer our clients robust and fool proof contract lifecycle management systems and consulting services, paralegal as well as attorney support to provide database maintenance, contract review and redlining, template creation and revision, negotiation and approval services and data migration services.

Legal Research

We undertake multi jurisdictional surveys, precedent case law search as well as copyright and trademark search. We aim to provide legal research services for multiple jurisdictions. We make use of online libraries, off line resources and our empanelled experts who possess expertise in eclectic branches of law. We make use of various softwares to provide end to end legal research services.

Legal Advisory

We work collaboratively with clients to help them manage legal risk, solve legal problems, advise on legal issues and advance strategic objectives.

Contract Drafting

Our services includes standard contracts drafting of agreements, Privacy and terms of conditions contracts, letters, notices for our clients, trademark, patent applications and various other legal documents.

Intellectual Property (IP) Services

We offer a full range of Intellectual Property Services. Our specialized IP team identifies the services as per your requirements and executing the work with the highest degree of professionalism and putting the needs of you and your business first.

  • Intellectual Property Research: The LPO service would include any research applicable to intellectual property (IP) , including research of copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets.
  • Intellectual Property Filings and Litigation: IP services including intellectual property filings and litigation, IP filings, IP litigation, IP prosecution, patent portfolio management, patent opinions etc.

Litigation Support

A timely and strategic response to any legal action is indeed mandatory for the healthy functioning of a company. Simple mistakes or minor delays can result in substantial loss of leverage in court. Our team is trained in assisting general counsels, managing lawyers and court proceedings.
We are backed by a fully serviced law firm and we take up matters in Indian courts pertaining to civil law, criminal law, IPR, labour law, taxation but not limited to these.

Compliance Support

We identify and analyze the document requirements contained in previously existing and amended laws to effect amendments in client’s planning of policies, procedures, forms, implementation and correspondences. We review forms and other legal documents provided by client for meeting legal compliance as per laws of specific jurisdictions.

Due Diligence

Our Managed Services provides dedicated team with trained attorneys and due diligence experts. We remediate contracts, customer files and conduct due diligence for mergers, ring-fencing and spin-offs.

Financial and Investment Management

Our Financial and Investment Research vertical caters to all kinds of research requests and provides in depth analysis of the company or industry it researches. Depending on your requirements you can choose from a wide range of services. Our research capabilities range from an equity research on listed entities to valuation and Investment analysis of private firms.

Vidma Consulting Financial Investment Services

Equity Research

While the sell side analysts can focus on their key tasks such as idea generation, organising corporate roadshows, deal making etc. along with other tasks including creation and distribution of equity research reports, our offerings can free up a lot of their research bandwidth which is required in creating the reports. Our service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Company coverage
  • Creation and maintenance of financial models
  • Industry analysis
  • Earnings analysis and coverage
  • Event driven reports
  • Stock valuation – DCF / Relative
  • Sensitivity / Scenario Analysis
  • Trading comparables
  • WACC analysis

Investment Banking Research

VCG Financial Research provides end to end support to Investment Banks in their M&A and Equity Capital Market activities. While we focus on the research part, the bankers can focus on idea generation, deal sourcing and closing, business development and client management activities. The key services in this functional area are:

  • Target screening
  • Company Profiling
  • Industry Research and Market analysis
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Modelling and Valuation support
  • Precedent M&A Transaction analysis
  • Capital Structure Analysis


Credit Research

If you are a commercial lending firm or bank, then we offer a series of credit research services. By leveraging our services, the bankers can concentrate on their relationship building with the customers and acquiring new businesses. We help the bankers in fast tracking their credit underwriting and monitoring services, complete their regulatory requirements on time and other ad-hoc activities. The services include:

  • Creating and updating credit models
  • Creating and updating Annual reviews and Credit write-ups
  • Covenant tracking

Valuation And Investment Reports

We have experts in financial modeling and valuation for startups. We understand that the nature of startup business is very dynamic. Hence, we develop models which are dynamic where the founders can key in various sets of assumptions and see the results. We also provide financial research and valuation support to investors looking to value their potential investment targets or altogether find the right target for them. We can prepare the following documents from end to end:

  • Investment Report
  • Initiating Coverage report
  • Financial Model
  • Relative Valuation / DCF
  • Valuation Report
  • Investor Pitch Deck

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