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Trademark makes your brand unique, iconic, and distinctive. Therefore don't let others copy your brand.

Take a step ahead and get to know your rights and protection of your brand.

A trademark is a mark through which the business or profession of an individual, proprietorship firm, partnership firm, public limited company, private limited company, and various other undertakings are recognized in the local and international market.

Requirement to register your trademark

Trademark registration is necessary for providing protection from unauthorized use of that trademark, which is going to register.

The trademark is registered to create the goodwill, popularize, brand name, business name, and logo as to discriminate and put aside the mark from competitors and fraudulent..

Necessity to have a trademark search

Trademark search is the procedure by that we can check which trademark we want to register that is already registered or not. The owner of a registered trademark may also commence legal dealings for trademark contravention to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark. To check a trademark has registered or not, we conduct a free trademark search so that we can register our trademark successfully.

Requirement for filing a trademark application

A trademark application is a simple and effective way to protect the trademarks of an institution in India. Trademark application in India is filed after the trademark attorney accomplishes a complete trademark search. When your trademark receives a positive trademark register ability opinion, then the trademark lawyer prepares to file an application for trademark registration in a particular class. A trademark application can also be filed online by the trademark electronic application system, to the applicants.

If you want to register your trademark in India, then the trademark application is needed to register the trademark. Generally, this application comprises of the power of attorney and other priority documents. To register the mark as a trademark, the trademark should be idiosyncratic and not be similar to a mark previously registered or any pending prior application for registration.

Does a trademark only protect the business name, logo or any other product?

Trademark protection is given to logos, names, and other marketing devices, which are distinctive. These distinctive trademarks are from time to time, referred to as "strong" trademarks, also known as "intrinsically distinctive" marks. Trademarks that merely describe some feature goods are usually considered to be weak and thus unpredictable under trademark law. Trademarks protection helps in maintaining trademark rights defending and asserting against trademark claims and business issues in trademark rights. Trademark is protected based on either registration or use. Products, which are capable of infringement, can be protected by trademark protection.

Trademark Registration Consultation

Although it is very easy to file a trademark application it is professionally recommended by us to take the consultation of an attorney or advocate, expert in the field of trademark so that the application can be processed smoothly and effectively. A consultation pertaining to trademarks not only removes the doubt of the applicant but also helps in the systematic filing of the application. A trademark application should be filed in a manner as prescribed by the rules and regulations governing Trademark law.

If the application is not filed as per the requirements of Trademark Registry, than there is every possibility of rejection from Registrar or Examiner of trademarks. A rejection from the side of Trademark Registry means no legal right or protection to the owner as far as the captioned mark is concerned. Thus in order to protect the mark and to acquire all legal rights pertaining to the same it is immensely recommended to take the consultation of a Trademark attorney or agent so that the application cannot be rejected on the grounds of improper application.


Services we offer

Vidma offers a wide range of trademark services globally like:

  • Trademark Search
  • Opinion on registrability of trademark
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications
  • Responding to office actions
  • Handling trademark opposition proceedings
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Advice on validity of registrations
  • Advice on infringement and passing off
  • Issuing legal notice (cease and desist letters)
  • Publishing caution notice
  • Trademark watch and monitoring services
  • Renewal of trademarks
  • Trademark due diligence
  • Drafting license agreements, franchisee agreements and assignment deeds.


How We Help You

Our experienced team at Vidma Consulting Group is specialized in providing trademark registration and other trademark services in India and abroad. We cover all the needs of domestic and international clients beginning from Trademark Search, Trademark Filing, Trademark oppositions, and Appeals, trademark registration, international trademark registration services and Trademark Enforcement services with a team of highly skilled and experienced trademark attorneys.