Patent Search & Scrutiny

Guiding Businesses

For a car to move around, it needs fuel to power its engine; similarly, patent search is the fuel of patent application. It may seem obvious, but inventors overlook this elementary stage of an application and end up having their patent application rejected.

Requirement of Patent Search

Different jurisdictions have specific conditions to be met before a patent application is accepted. In India, qualifications such as novelty, industrial utility, and non-obviousness are essential for a successful patent application. Patent search offers an excellent opportunity to look for the traits of a successful patent application. Another obvious benefit of conducting a patent search it gives a chance to the applicant to ensure that they are not infringing upon an existing patent.

Benefits of an all-encompassing search

An inclusive and broad-ranging search offers an applicant insight into other inventions or prior art, which enables them to fortify their application by improving their present design. Also, a patent search maps the pending applications and patents granted. It facilitates the understanding of the working of the industry and competitors' product strategy, thereby making it easier and smoother for the applicant to chart out the future business plans.

Our services

Our IP attorneys are proficient in searching the patent database and extracting relevant information appropriate for the respective application. Furthermore, as we deploy A.I powered tools to establish the patentability of an application that enables us to spot any weak points in the application.

A novelty search conducted by us ensures that your application is unique. If for some reason, your application is similar to a previous invention, you can work on that aspect and file the modified application. It saves you from the travail of applying and getting rejected from the patent office. Plus, you do not end up squandering your resources and time on the defective application.

Our Patent search has several constituents:

  • Patentability Search
  • FTO Search
  • Invalidity Search
  • Technology landscaping
  • Patent Mapping
  • Patent watch.