IPR Services

Guiding Businesses

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) drives innovation/invention. It incentivizes the innovators to demonstrate their ingenuity in the form of products they build. Their products make the world a better place. And, we contribute to a better future by rendering unparalleled IPR services in the context of ensuring the respective jurisdiction confers the innovator with the appropriate IP rights. IP rights are more than just legal rights bestowed upon the proprietor by the law.

IPR in the form of trademarks, patent, copyright and other IPRs’ can add significant economic and market value to the firm. Trademarks are the lynchpin of a firm’s reputation. And, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that consumers view a firm’s reputation through the lens of the firm’s trademark and vice-versa. Our attorneys understand the value that underlies a firm’s IPR. Furthermore, our legal advice incorporates the short term and long term objective of a particular firm.  For instance, short term objective would be to register a firm’s IPR, and long term objective would be to monetize the firm’s IPR.

Our experienced team analyzes the industry and the firm’s goal to devise an IPR strategy that can be moulded to integrate future developments in the industry. We, from time to time, evaluate our client’s IP assets to ensure that the client monetizes their IP at an opportune time. Therefore, ascertaining the clients derive maximum advantage out of their IP assets.

IP enforcement ensues IP registration. Perhaps, IP enforcement is the dominant element in the IP protection. In the absence of a robust IP enforcement mechanism, the IP registration process becomes futile. IP enforcement entails active screening a jurisdiction to identify IP infringements. Our A.I powered tools enable us to determine or establish IP infringements accurately and take appropriate steps for prohibiting such activities.

The team is proficient at drafting IP licensing and assignment agreement that ensures you retain the maximum control over your product while allowing the third-party to use or manufacture the product.