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ADR In The Asia Pacific: Spotlight On Singapore

  ADR in Singapore From the early 1990s, the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism has had a long-standing lineage in Singapore. The access to it since then has improved significantly; parties have resorted to alternatives to court litigation with ease and are actively supported to do so. Asia, in general, has been a significant contributor to…
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In the legal field, the digital space has given birth to plenty of electronic agreements between several overseas businesses. However, some issues occur in the execution of such e-agreements. These issues could be with regards to the mental state of the party and his competence to enter into a contract. Since e- contracts take place…
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Suspension of IBC: Is it reasonable? What are the alternatives for MSMES to recover their dues?

SUSPENSION OF IBC: IS IT REASONABLE? WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES FOR MSMES TO RECOVER THEIR DUES? The COVID- 19 outbreak caused an unprecedented economic slowdown around the world, and India is no exception. The profits of MSMEs have plummeted, and some have even ceased operations. To ease the burden on the MSMEs, the government of…
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In the last three decades of SEBI’S existence, there have barely been any convictions for insider trading in India. Does it indicate that stringent laws are required including augmenting the element of criminal liability to the existing laws?

  With the emergence of Capital Markets in the late 1970s, the government realized that several malpractices had also surfaced which aimed at exploiting the loopholes of the market. This realization led the government to introduce a body to help regulate the market and keep malpractices at bay. In 1992, the Securities and Exchange Board…
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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Business Sectors Worldwide

The outbreak of the coronavirus in late 2019 and 2020 has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. The entire world is facing a threat to the global fortunes through the recently emerged virus affecting the human body. Most economists assume that a worldwide recession is already underway, a synchronized downturn that is…
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