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Startups: Terms And Conditions, Legal Documents For Your New Business

Introduction We encounter many questions from new startups. One of the frequent questions we receive is, “Is it legally required that my website have Terms and Conditions”? “If not, why do I need them?” If you have recently started a new business or have immersed yourself in the startup world, you may be wondering if…
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Importance of Trademark vis-à-vis artistic work in the media and entertainment industry.

A brief introduction on Trademarks and Artistic work Intellectual property is a creation of the mind; the property is intangible and provides the owner with some exclusive rights over it. The properties include literary, artistic or musical work; it can also include designs, scientific inventions, words, and even symbols.  The intellectual property rights are divided…
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Contract Management In The Cloud

Contract management doesn’t have to be cumbersome and a hassle for the organization. Usually, contract management is associated with stacked up files gathering dust somewhere in the organization, and people rummaging through the files in the hope of getting hold of vital information that the organization needs for a particular purpose- dispute or monitoring deadlines.…
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Why are we talking about LMS? LMS has become an extremely crucial part of not only legal institutions but also to other institutions, including banking, insurance, etc. It improves productivity, expense management, accessibility to legal information, and provides more control over the overall institution so that desired results can be achieved easily. It helps manage…
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How is technology creating opportunities in the legal community?

Legal community and technology The legal community has aversed to technology mostly. While laptops have substituted typewriters, in the bigger scheme of things, this is minuscule or, at best, the legal community has witnessed a negligible change.  The legal field has continued to operate in the manner as it has been doing in the past.…
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