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Trademark Registration In The UAE

Welcome to the world of trademark registration in the UAE – a landscape governed by the UAE Federal Law no. 36 of 2021 and its Executive Regulation. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the intricacies outlined in these legal documents, offering a step-by-step walkthrough for both local and foreign entities. Whether you’re…
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The Essential Need For Legal Consultation In Start-Ups: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Starting a new business is an exciting journey with endless possibilities. Start-ups focus on developing products and services, attracting customers, and driving growth. However, despite all the excitement, the importance of obtaining legal advice cannot be ignored. In this blog post, we explore why legal advice is essential for start-ups and how it can…
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Importance of Trademark vis-à-vis artistic work in the media and entertainment industry.

A brief introduction on Trademarks and Artistic work Intellectual property is a creation of the mind; the property is intangible and provides the owner with some exclusive rights over it. The properties include literary, artistic or musical work; it can also include designs, scientific inventions, words, and even symbols.  The intellectual property rights are divided…
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Intellectual Property Rights are essential assets for the growth and development of any economy. They refer to the legal right granted to the creations that have arisen from the intellect of a human. These rights are granted in order to encourage creativity and innovation by ensuring that the creators reap the benefits of the inventions…
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And The Patent Process: A More Cost-Effective Tomorrow?

The notion of “time is money” was born in the factories of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, people have always strived towards greater efficiency, trying to achieve more in less time. As Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”) become more conventional, stakeholders to the global intellectual property (“IP”) system are gradually adopting these tools.…
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Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property-The conundrum of IP

There is no uncertainty that Artificial Intelligence is significantly affecting the field of drug discovery. The IP issues in this put forth a test, of sorts, for drug discovery. The improvement of a clinically developed drug for the most part costs a huge amount of money, so the compound should be secured by an overall…
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